About Tonx
                Jiangsu TONGXIE Machinery Equipment Co.,ltd. was founded in March 2002, It is a product development, design, manufactur, engineering installation and manufactur in one-scale. We mainly produce complete set of equipments for extraction...
                The main production of extraction, concentration, evaporation, crystallization, biological fermentation, filtration, transportation, distribution, dissolution, liquid distribution system, CIP on-line cleaning system, pipeline installation and sanitary fluid valve pipe Accessories and other complete sets of equipment, products are widely used in pharmaceutical, biological, chemical, food, dairy and other engineering areas.
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                The chest has the lofty ambition can be walked for miles. Under the guidance of such a grand policy. It is in this grand guidelines,TONX Today at the present time. TONX became a successflu enterprise after going througt the wind and rain baptism. actively explore,keep making progress,and make full use of modern science and technology information network to grasp the market for many years,after many rtials and hardships of the Shenhua pipe industry,dedication and innovation in came pragmatic God the Chinese always steadily forward,has made a many splendid achievements in the related fields of dairy,fruit juice beverage,wine,chemical,electric power,bio engineering and other industries.
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